Thursday, 5 March 2015

This service will allow playstation 3 downgrade to any firmware

Playstation 3 need to be  NOR board so we can  downgrade it . If you are unsure, feel free to ask and I’ll check for you. Essentially, if your console is one of the following, then it’s fine to be downgrade to 3.55.
Manchester ps3 Downgrade

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Ps3 Downgrade Uk Manchester & Repair

As a note, all supported model numbers are listed with the region portion omitted, as consoles are able to be downgraded, regardless of region.
The last two digits would be 03 in the UK, 01 in the US, 04 in Europe, 12 in China, etc.
So if for example, you have a CECHM03, CECH-2003, CECHL04, CECH-2112, these would all be compatible, as region makes no difference.
As long as your model number matches the any on this list (XX can be any number), then it’s able to be downgraded.
ps3 slim model manchesterPS3 fat model manchester

Fat models:


Slim models:

In regards to models, XX can be any two numbers.

check your model at PS3 WIKI

This service can also help with fixing the following issues:

Red Screen of Death (RSOD) Error Screen
Bricked Consoles
Errors 8002F2C5 and 8002F225
errors 8002F2C5 and 8002F225 manchester
All consoles sent will be completely stripped down and thoroughly cleaned of any dust. When unit is reassembled, it will have new thermal compound applied to both CPU and GPU chips* I will provide photos of your PS3 showing before and after I’ve cleaned it for your peace of mind and full log report of your board. Unit will be reassembled and tested to ensure everything is working as it should. Console will be downgraded the day I  receive it and returned the following day. You cover cost of shipping your console to me and return shipping is free.
Address of where to ship your PS3 to will be sent by private message on eBay after purchase is made. Please include a note when shipping your PS3 with your ebay ID, name and address. If you would like your PS3 to be downgrade to any firmware other than 3.55 up to 4.65 , please note this as well.
Drop off and collection within the Manchester is welcome
Processing time is you will receive your console back 1 working days from the day I receive it.
**Previously opened consoles are not guaranteed against failure. **
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guaranteed ps3 manchester


Just contact me via txt or call if not use our main website or facebook

 070 1002 4599

My service is solely to downgrade your console to 3.55. If you develop issues in the future (be it hardware or software) I can not accept returns, as once the console has been opened by me and returned to you, there is no way to be sure if it has or has not been tampered with after reaching you. I do treat every console with extreme care . If your console is damaged or bricked while in my possession, I will take full responsibility .